We are really pleased that Mark Worrell has chosen WVP Kenya as the Charity to support in the run up for his personal challenge: The Edinburgh Marathon 2013  

Check out his Virgin Money Giving page here and support him generously.




We are recruiting again! This time we are looking for a Programmes Support Officer. For more detail, click here
Support 'Team Chignell' in their 2012 Robin Hood Half Marathon run in support of WVP Kenya. You can pledge a donation here
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The 2011 Annual Report has been published and can be downloaded here.
When does ‘free’ mean free? In Kenya, while primary education is notionally at no cost to the child or family, there have long been additional levies and other costs charged, which mean that for the very poorest and most vulnerable, school remains out of reach.

This problem is getting worse. Kenya, like many other sub-Saharan African countries, is seeing unprecedented economic growth, giving rise to a burgeoning middle-class who are happy to spend a little extra to improve their children’s education. Continue reading →

WVP Kenya is seeking a Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to support with the on-going monitoring of WVP Kenya programmes as well as research activities. For more details, please visit
The results of a huge clinical trial prove that if people living with HIV receive anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment, it prevents the spread of the virus to their partner. This ground-breaking evidence gives us a fantastic new tool to fight the epidemic. When coupled with a combination of other effective prevention, treatment and care efforts it gives us the chance to begin to bring an end to AIDS.

ARVs have a huge impact on the lives of children living in households affected by HIV. The availability of HIV treatment allows a HIV positive parent to live a normal life, enabling them to be caring and supportive parents and minimise the risk of passing HIV on to the other parent - again to the  benfit of children as they are less likely to become orphaned. World AIDS Day is coming up. Help us convince our leaders that we need to scale up and sustain current levels of HIV treatment funding. Go to stopaidscampaign.org/endofaids to make sure they do.
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This month we had a proposal to Wereldkinderen approved to expand our community capacity building programme. The programme will over a 5-year-period build the capacity of 16 communities from 4 districts in Kenya and benefit 1400 orphaned children and their households. The programme will strengthen the capacity of community groups to provide care and support for orphaned children. The programme will also mobilise and strengthen children protection services in the Bondo District. We look forward to report on the progress of this programme.